1. Will the metal buckles hurt my pet's neck?

A: Of course not!! In fact, its a lot more smoother and safe than the regular plastic buckles that could crack on heavy impact activities and cause harm. The metal buckle is smooth, well-finished, corrosion/rust free, dent/crack proof and well balanced to distribute its sturdiness across the collar.

2. Which collar would you recommend?

A: We absolutely love every collar we have out there. And I would always recommend you to go for the premium metal buckled ones. Be a great part of reuse and plastic waste reduction. You will be surprised to know that over 63% of the wastes from pet products are the synthetic harness straps and plastic buckles, adjusters and rings from collars & harnesses. Not something we would be proud of contributing to.

3. What is a knot around neck bandanas?

A: This is a style of bandana which replicates a scarf. Now, imagine when you fold a scarf into an exact half and tie that tips around the neck of your pet? That's a super convenient way to sport an accessory. So if your pet does not have or prefer a collar, I would highly recommend the knot around neck bandana.

4. My pet's size is an M in other brands, will it be an M on Hazel&Co as well?

A: Most of the times, it will. But there is that 15%-20% of the time wherein another brand's size chart does not match with ours. So, it is always best to scroll through our product image and find our size chart (which is usually the last lined image) and choose the most appropriate size.

5. What if my puppy's neck matches XS in your chart and chest matches S?

A: If there appears to be a situation where such a size ratio discrepancy arises, I would recommend you to email, WhatsApp, or most easiest - reach out to our IG DMs and get in touch with us. We will note down your exact measurements and charge the same, not to worry :)


6. Will my puppy be uncomfortable in your bow or bandana?

A: Every puppy will be uncomfortable the first time they try on any accessory, for that matter of fact. What's important and your duty is to introduce the accessory very gradually. If you notice your puppy itch the neck frequently, don't let it get till there. Put on the accessory for 2 minutes and take it off for the next 30-45 minutes. Put it back on by increasing its stay-on duration. Work its way gradually until your little one finally realizes this wont hurt him.

Just an FYI, none of our accessories would cause pain or physical harm because there is absolutely no element in them that could cause it.

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